Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mid Year Resolutions

Okay, so.... many of us set New Years resolutions and then about half way through the year we forget about them so I have decided to give myself a refresher of sorts and set some mid-year resolutions!

In the beginning of the year I feel like there is so much pressure from everyone to set high goals for yourself and then the goals never really come to fruition because the goal isn't very specific. For example, many people just use the "I want to get healthier" resolution or "I want to find myself" resolution which are both really generic and that is why I think that most people don't follow through.

I am giving myself some realistic and specific goals that I want to achieve before my 26th birthday which will be in January of 2016. So here we go:

1. I want to get back into healthy eating and exercising. I mean really focus on becoming the girl I was a few months ago. Because of finishing graduate school and being in and out of community theater shows I have really let myself fall off of the healthy trail and I can tell a huge difference in just the way I am from day to day.

2. To go along with number 1. I want to set an actual goal to lose at least 30 pounds by January. (which I think is very doable and healthy and not drastic like some people saying they want to lose 10 pounds in a week.) Losing 10 pounds may happen on certain weeks but that is not something that can be kept up easily so I want to do it in a healthy and stable way that way I can maintain my progress.

3. Once I reach my 30 pounds I don't want to stop until I feel happy with myself and my body. I don't want a number to determine my happiness so whenever I feel most comfortable and beautiful in my own skin then that is when I will stop losing and start the track to maintaining. I am not saying this is going to happen in even 6 months to a year but the time will pass anyway and I owe it to myself to be the happiest  and healthiest version of me I can be.

4. I want to get a tattoo. I have pretty much decided what I want and where and I have decided that my bestie Daniel and I will be getting them over winter break this year. Getting a tattoo is something I have wanted to do for a while and especially after my dad passed away in 2013. I wanted to get something that symbolized him and reminded me of the love he had for me and I think I have found the perfect thing, so be looking out for a post about that in a few months! *eek!*

5. I want to do something drastic to my hair. I have done some very drastic things this past year and everything I have done I have loved and so now I want to become more adventurous. This past year I have dyed my hair red from being a natural blonde and I had straight across bangs. Both of which I loved but now I want to do something daring and exciting! Again, there will be pictures and a post all about it when it happens! I can't wait!

6 Most of all I want to continue my journey to figuring out who I am and what I want out of life. This may seem a little like the generic "I want to find myself" resolution but what I mean by this is figure out what career path I want to go into, find a job within that career path, and most of all figure out what I want out of my life. I think doing something like a vision board with stuff on it for this one would be awesome. And when I do it I will definitely make a post so you all can see it!

I just feel like now is the perfect  time to experiment and have fun figuring out what I want because I am now out of school and have the rest of my adult life in front of me!

What are some mid year resolutions you want to set for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Jess