Monday, March 28, 2016

March Favorites!

It's that time again for favorites! I have so many favorites this month to talk about! I have tried a few new things and also re-found some old things and fell in love with them all over again!

So let's hop to it!

Clothing Favorites

1     My number one favorite for clothes this month has got to be my blush pink tulle skirt! I have worn this skirt a few times  this month and I am in love with it! I love it so much I think I'm going to buy it in the other colors it is offered in! I always get compliments when I wear it and it makes me feel very princess-y and what girl doesn't love that! I think this skirt is going to be a great statement piece for spring for me! I bought it from Charlotte Russe and I will link you to it here: Tulle Skirt

2     My second clothing favorite happens to also be in the above picture and it is my platform wedges! I have also worn these numerous times and not only are they SO cute but they are super comfortable and easy to wear! I love that they can dress up any outfit but they aren't killer heels where I will be mentally screaming because I want to take them off! I got these shoes from American Eagle and I will link them to you here (they are also 40% off right now!): T-Strap Wedge Sandal

3     My third favorite clothing item this month is something that has really been a 2016 favorite and it is hair bows! I don't care what people say I always feel so much cuter when I am wearing a hair bow and I have SO many of them! I bought them from a friend so I don't have anywhere to really link you to it, but I'm sure Etsy has a TON of places you can buy hair bows from!

Moving on, I am now going to give you guys a few of my beauty favorites from this month!

Beauty Favorites

1     My first beauty favorite of this month is the Real Techniques blender sponge. I have wanted a blender sponge for months and I finally got one at the end of February and my life has been CHANGED! If you have never tried a beauty blender or blender sponge I urge you to give it a try because it makes my skin look like I have no foundation on it and I just somehow have perfectly smooth and beautiful skin! I got the two pack Real Techniques sponges and they were only $10.99 for a two pack which is honestly a great price! You can find those sponges here: Real Techniques Sponge
              Also pictured are a few of my favorite foundations, I did a blog post about a review of foundations and if you want to read about them you can click here: Foundation Review

2      My second beauty favorite has been a favorite of mine since 2014 but I have recently rediscovered them and fallen back in love and it is my Urban Decay Naked 1, 2 and 3 palettes! These palettes have been nothing but amazing since day one. I have only hit the pan on one shade in the Naked 2 palette after having them all for over a year and a half and all of the shades still apply smoothly and blend amazingly. They really do suite any and all occasions and I often find myself switching interchangeably between them all throughout the year. You can find all of them linked here: Urban Decay Palettes

3     My last beauty favorite is also something that I have had in my beauty collection for a while and recently rediscovered! They are the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks! These lipsticks are long lasting, great color payoff, and just gorgeous all for a super cheap price! My two favorite colors are 104 and 10. The 104 is a nude shade that perfectly matches my natural lip color and the 10 is a beautiful bright red lipstick! These lipsticks are linked here: Rimmel 104 Rimmel 10

The last few favorites I have are random miscellaneous favorites!

Miscellaneous Favorites 

1     The first random favorite I have is Emergen-C. My friend Sarah introduced me to this because I have horrible allergies and take allergy medicine every day but still somehow end up with sinus infections! I have been taking this every day and it has really helped not only my immune system but it also helps my energy levels! I use the super orange flavor in powder form and its like drinking a glass of orang juice every day! Emergen-C is linked here: Emergen- C

2     My last random favorite is a food favorite which is the rising moon organic butternut squash ravioli. I have loved these since I discovered them last year but I have recently been finding myself re-buying them more and more because they are delicious! Not only are they organic but they are also vegan! You can find them at Publix in the freezer section and oh boy are they yummy! They cook in literally 8 minutes and taste so good! I highly recommend them! Ravioli linked here: Butternut Squash Ravioli

These are just a few of the most favorite things I have been loving this month! If you have any favorites tweet me (@thejesslauren)  and let me know what you have been loving this month!

xoxo Jess

Monday, March 21, 2016

St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, GA {traditions and suggestions}

Hey guys!

This week we are going to talk about St. Patrick's Day specifically in Savannah, Ga! I just got back from an amazingly fun bachelorette in Savannah during St. Patrick's weekend and it was my first ever time in Savannah and I wanted to share my experience with you along with giving you guys some tips should you ever go!

The parade

First, I want to tell you guys a little about the parade and the traditions of Savannah that go along with St. Patrick's day!

    • The parade in Savannah is one of the top 5 largest in the U.S. in terms of number of those attending (over a million people attend every year!)

    • The parade route is over 4 miles long. 

    • The parade time runs about 4-5 hours depending on stops and is mostly about paying tribute to those of Irish descent. 

    • In this parade they don't throw beads or cabbages like other cities do for St. Patty's. 

    • They have traditions such as women wearing red lipstick and giving beads to men in the parade and giving them kisses on the cheek. (I thought this was super cute!)

We had an amazing time at the parade but there are some things I definitely learned!

Tips for the parade:

1. Bring comfortable shoes!
     We went to mass before the parade and I wore really cute chunk heels but I brought flip flops with me to change into afterwards and I was so glad I did because the parade is definitely a long one!

2. Bring folding chairs!
     We had folding chairs but forgot to bring them with us and boy would it have been nice to be able to sit while watching the parade! Definitely something to remember when coming to a huge parade like this one!

3. Be prepared to walk long distances!
     I understand wanting to look your best but keep in mind there are so many people everywhere that parking is INSANE! We got to downtown Savannah at 7:30 a.m. for a parade that started at 10 a.m. on the other side of town and got a good parking spot which was still 6 blocks down from the parade route and we got lucky! 

4. Pack a cooler!
     While drinks are flowing in the downtown area a great money saver is to just bring your own cooler with you or even a flask and a mixer along with maybe a sandwich or something to munch on that way not only are you saving money but you don't risk losing your spot on the parade route!

The after party

While we did not go to River Street after the parade Thursday we did go Saturday night and just as many people were down there! If you are unfamiliar with Savannah, River Street is their hub for all the bars and parties in the downtown area. It is located right on the river and it is about 15 feet below the main streets of the downtown area. To get there you have to basically find a set of stairs that leads you from the main downtown area to this area where its just cobblestone roads and shops/bars/restaurants. Cars are not allowed down there and it is packed with people! 

Tips for River Street

     Being someone who is clumsy I normally walk with my head down staring at the ground in front of me to ensure I won't trip or fall but even doing that  I still managed to twist my ankle right in the middle of everyone (I know, typical me). The streets are OLD and made of cobble stone so it is very uneven and hard to walk on so my suggestion is to take thing slow and maneuver the crowds at a relaxed pace or you will end up like me and face plant!

2. Shoes, shoes, shoes.
     I mentioned this earlier for the parade but I definitely want to mention it again for River Street because there is NO way you can wear anything other than flats really without biting the dust! Wear cute shoes that are low to the ground or are flat to ensure you can still walk by the end of the night.

3. Bring cash!
     They are not ATMs and everything requires cash so if you want to drink you will need to stop at an ATM before getting down there. They also sell wrist bands for $5 so that you can walk around the entire downtown area drink in hand without worry and you need cash for that as well. 

Here are a few other pictures from the weekend:

Overall it was an amazing weekend with fun friends and I had a great time! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences and also learning some tips to keep in mind if you ever travel to the beautiful city of Savannah, GA!

xoxo, Jess

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag

This week I am doing the get to know me tag! Since I have gained some new readers I figured this would be a good way for you all to get to know who I am!

1. Are you named after anyone?

 I'm not, my parents just liked the name Jessica however they did once want to name me Jennifer Nicole but my aunts and uncles had children before my parents and one of them named their child Jennifer while the other gave their daughter the middle name Nicole so they had to decide on other names they wanted to choose!

2. When was the last time you cried? 

I cry a lot actually. I am a very emotional person, I can see those dog commercials where they play sad music and cry. The last time I cried though I think I was watching Fuller House and *spoiler to the plot if you haven't seen the first episode* DJ was talking about her husband who had passed away and it made me cry.

3. Do you have kids?

No, I do not have any children of my own yet but I hope to have kids one day. I am happy to say that a few of my very close friends have children or are going to have children soon so I have plenty of babies to love on!

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I would like to think I would because we would both like the same things and have the same personality but I can be shy sometimes so if I were to meet myself in a bigger social setting I might not befriend myself right away because of that.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? 

I love that this is a question! I do use sarcasm quite frequently and more so with people who I am closer with. I usually gauge the situation I am in and if it is a more professional or work setting I try and subdue my sarcastic comments and keep them to myself.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? 

Definitely NOT! One of my biggest fears is heights so free falling off of a tall bridge or surface just sounds like my worst nightmare! I get scared when I am riding a ferris wheel and it gets to the top so I'm sure if I even got close to the height needed to bungee jump I would faint from fear.

7. What's your favorite cereal?

 I have a few favorites! My favorite cereal to eat from the box without milk (Don't judge me I know you all do it too) is probably Frosted Flakes or some sort of bad-for-you children's sugary cereal. My favorite cereal to eat with milk would probably be the Quaker Oatmeal Squares or Life.

8. What's the first thing you notice about people? 

The first thing I normally notice is what they are wearing. Since working at American Eagle for almost a year and a half I normally look to outfits first because I get asked style questions from customers all the time and I use what they are currently wearing to try and pick up style clues to point out items they may like.

9. What is your eye color? 

My eyes are green. It depends on the lighting and what I am wearing but most of the time they are a deep green but can sometimes go green/blue.

10. Scary movie or happy endings? 

I am a scaredy cat so I try and stay away from ANYTHING scary because I will psych myself out and end up not being able to sleep so definitely happy endings.

11. Favorite smells? 

I have so many favorite scents!! For perfume I would say I love Jessica Simpsons I Fancy You and for body sprays I am in love with American Eagle's Surf for Women. As far as body washes and lotions it depends on the season but most of my body washes are from Bath and Body Works!

12. Summer or winter? 

I am definitely more of a winter person. This is only because I live in the southern part of the U.S. and summers here are HOT and HUMID and my hair and body do not bode well in the heat. Here during the winter we experience calmer and cooler weather that many northern areas probably get in their spring time.

13. Computer or television?

 I would definitely say computer. Only because if there is a show I want to watch I can look it up on the channel's website and watch it from there. I also prefer to watch my favorite YouTubers over television shows any day. For a list of my favorite YouTubers of January you can look here

14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? 

The furthest I have been from home would be NYC. I have been twice and the last time was two years ago this March actually and it was such a fun trip! I saw so many of my favorite Broadway shows and had a blast. Manhattan is definitely somewhere I aspire to one day reside!

15. Do you have any special talents? 

Yes! I think my most special talent would be singing/performing. I love to sing. I have sang ever since I was small and I have been fortunate enough to be able to perform in many shows when I was in college and also through community theaters in my area!

16. Where were you born? 

I was born in the port city of Alabama!

17. What are your hobbies? 

I have so many hobbies! I love to read books (real books not a nook or tablet) and I love to perform and sing. I love writing (hence the blog) and I love going to see movies. I also have a huge shopping addiction which I think of as a fashion hobby!

18. Do you have any pets? 

Yes! One, my Chi-Poo Snoopy. He is turning five years old this month and he is so so sassy and has the attitude of a bratty teenager! He can be loving and cute and cuddle you one minute and the next he can ignore you and want you to leave him alone!

19. Favorite movie? 

I have a lot of favorite movies but I really feel like I am a child a heart because most of my favorite movies are Disney. I think of a favorite movie as one you could watch over and over and never get tired of it and for me Disney movies are movies I would watch time and time again and never get bored.

20. Do you have any siblings?

 I do not have any siblings! I am an only child. When I was growing up I always asked for a brother or sister for any holiday or birthday but it never happened so I like to think of my friends as my siblings because friends are your chosen family anyway right?

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?

 I want to be on broadway. Whether it be in a traveling tour or in New York that is my dream to be a performer for a living!

Well, those are all the questions! If you enjoyed this tag and want to do it for yourself then I challenge you! I had a lot of fun answering these questions and I hope it gives you a better look into who I am!

xoxo Jess

Monday, March 7, 2016

Makeup Monday: Foundation Review

Today we are talking about foundation! After last week where I gave you my skin care routine and must haves (Check it out here if you missed it: Skin Care Routine) I thought it might be a good time to now talk about foundation. I have tried so many different high end and drug store brand foundations and I have a few great must haves! So if you are thinking about trying a different foundation and aren't sure which one then hopefully this can help to give you information on which types and brands you might want to give a try!

First things first, there are two different types of foundation finishes: Dewy and Matte. Your personal preference really comes into play for foundation because depending on your skin type you may want different things. If you have normal to dry skin a dewy foundation may suite you better because it will give your skin that nice glow but if you have combination or oily skin a matte foundation may be a better fit and it will still give you that glow without being over oily.

I have normal to dry skin and I have a collection of both matte and dewy foundations that I really like and will wear depending on the time of year or how I am feeling that day. I definitely find that I grab for a dewy foundation more in general because I like the feel and look I get from it but sometimes if I am going an event where I want my foundation to be longer lasting I will pull out a matte foundation over a dewy one because I find I touch my face less and worry less about it rubbing off when it is matte.

Dewy vs. Matte also comes in to play when thinking about the coverage you want. When I want a more full coverage foundation I will grab for a matte foundation because when layering the foundation it doesn't look over oily on my skin. When I want something with a lighter or medium coverage I will reach for a dewy foundation because normally one or two layers of it will suit my needs. This isn't to say that all dewy foundations are light to medium coverage but it is how I prefer my foundation if it is a dewy finish.

So lets jump in to brands now! Honestly I feel that any of these brands can work for any skin type if you know how to use it and I think the important part is figuring out which foundation type you want and then trial and error until you find your holy grail products!

The first brand I am going to talk about is Estee Lauder which is a high end makeup brand.

I have both the Double Wear (full coverage and matte) Foundation as well as the Double Wear Light (Light/medium coverage  and matte) Foundation.

          Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation is very full coverage. I find that using smaller amounts of this and applying with a beauty blender really helps to make this look natural and flawless. With a full coverage and matte foundation you really want to be careful with the amount that you use because too much can make it appear to be cakey on your face. I love the formulation of this foundation and I find that it is long lasting and you don't need to worry about touch ups during the day. This bottle of foundation is a good bang for your buck because the formulation is great and it will last you a while if you interchange different foundations like I do.


This foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation. I love using this when I want to have good coverage but I want to have a lighter look to my makeup. With this foundation I find that applying it with a foundation brush or beauty blender or even just using your fingers works great. Any type of application tool you use this foundation will look great when applied. This is my current favorite foundation that I am using because it just looks so great in both natural and indoor lighting and I find it gives me just the right amount of highlighted glow. Because this is a smaller tube of foundation you will have to purchase this more often but again if you rotate different foundations you can make this last.

The next brand I am going to talk about is Rimmel which is a drug store brand.

In this brand I am obsessed with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which you actually can't buy in the U.S.! I have to order mine from a UK website and have it shipped over seas but trust me when I say it is TOTALLY worth the shipping!! 


This foundation is amazing and I can't believe it isn't sold in U.S. stores. This foundation is a very dewy and glowy foundation that also has SPF 15 in it. This formulation is thick and creamy so just about two pumps of this is enough to cover my entire face. When I put this foundation on I find that it really does wake up my skin and makes it look super healthy and glowy. This foundation is probably my go to number one foundation when I want something that will take less and still look flawless. I also find with this foundation that it requires me to use less highlighter and less other products to achieve my final makeup look. 

The next brand I am going to talk about it NARS which is a high end makeup brand.

The foundation that I use from NARS is their Sheer Glow formulation. This foundation is more suited for normal to dry skin types and I believe NARS makes another type of foundation formulation that is better suited for combination to oily skin. 


This foundation is very build-able but it is a very thick and full coverage foundation. It has a dewy finish to it and it definitely brightens your whole face and make it luminous (like the name suggests). I usually save this foundation for more special occasions because it is so long wearing and so I still have a ton left in the bottle I purchased almost 6 months ago. A little does go a long way for this foundation but that said if you want more coverage you can always continue to layer it until you are happy.

The last foundation brand I am going to talk about is Maybelline which is a drug store brand.

The foundation that I use from Maybelline is their Fit Me formulation which comes in both a dewy and matte type so you can choose which ever you like best to use from their collection. For this particular foundation I prefer to use the dewy formulation.


This foundation I recently discovered maybe three weeks ago. I was watching a YouTube makeup tutorial and they used this foundation and were raving about how amazing it was and I figured I would give it a try since its super cheap I thought if it wasn't that great then it would be fine. I was very happy that the foundation is actually amazing. I love the finish it gives me and it is a light to medium coverage foundation and it looks best to me when applied with a beauty blender. I was so happy to be able to find another drug store makeup brand foundation that I really liked.

These foundations that I mentioned are just a few of the ones that I have trialled over the years and they are the ones I currently have in my makeup collection. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you found it helpful! Each foundation is linked above the picture so that you can go to the brands website to read more about each one that you may be interested in! If you have any brands or foundations you are in love with and you think I should give a try let me know in the comments below or tweet me (@thejesslauren). 

xoxo Jess