Monday, February 22, 2016

My January YouTube Favorites and Discoveries

Hey guys!

So I have been captured by the phenomena which is YouTube for a little over a year now (I even did my graduate school thesis on it!) so to commemorate that I decided to do a post on some of my favorite channels. In January I also did a lot of YouTube discovering and exploring and I wanted to share with y'all today some of my all time favorites along with some new discoveries! You will definitely want to grab a nice snack and get ready to get lost in some of my all time favorite creators and their channels! (If you like the way they sound then you should check them out and subscribe to them!)

Oldies but goodies

These are some of the channels I have been subscribed to since I started getting into YouTube. They are diverse and cover a range of topics and styles of videos so I'm sure there will be something for just about anyone! I have also left each of their channel links so if you think you may be interested in them you can click it and browse a few of their videos for yourself! So let's just dive in!

Zoella aka Zoe Sugg

One of the first people I subscribed to on YouTube last year was Zoe. At the time she only had 6 million (ONLY had lol) subscribers and now she has over 10 million subscribers. She is a 26 year old British beauty guru and her charisma and sense of humor are what drew me to her videos. She makes beauty/fashion videos as well as collaborations with some of my other favorite YouTubers. Her personality and general cheerfulness are what I think I love about her. She could talk about cheese for ten minutes and make you feel like it was the best thing in the world even if you're lactose intolerant. If you are looking for someone to make you laugh and entertain you while also making you feel like you've been friends for years she's your girl!

Her channel link is:

Danieldorable aka Daniel Moran

Daniel is one of my favorite YouTubers (and not just because he's my IRL bestie). He makes videos that will have you in tears from laughter and he can describe a candle scent unlike anyone else I have ever seen. He posts video segments called drunk bakeries (my favorite) and Disney Cocktails where he invents cocktails that are themed around Disney characters (who wouldn't love that)! Along with other videos as well his creativity and humor always make me come back for more! If you want someone to bring you unbridled entertainment each week he's your guy!

His channel link:

VelvetGh0st Aka Gabriella Aka Gabbie

Gabbie's channel is one I have been a fan of since mid 2015. She is also a British beauty guru and both her main and vlogging channels are a constant favorite of mine. She is one of the most real and honest people I have ever seen on YouTube. She doesn't act like she has a perfect life and I love that about her. She is honest about when she is stressed and when she doesn't agree with something and I admire that. She also posts beauty/makeup reviews and tutorials along with hauls on her main channel. She also has a love for musical theater and music in general so I feel that we share similar interests which is another reason why I love watching her. She is someone I always enjoy watching no matter what!

Her main channel link is:
Her vlog channel link is:

PointlessBlogVlogs aka Alfie Deyes

Alfie is another one of the first people I found on YouTube and his daily vlog channel is my favorite of all the channels he has. He is a British vlogger who also has a main channel but I prefer his daily vlogs to his other videos. If you are a nosey person like me, then any vlogging channel would be where you would want to go. His bright attitude and vlogging style have made me come back day after day to watch what he was up to. If you are looking to follow someone around on their day and connect with someone on more of a personal day to day level he's the guy to do it!

His channel link is:

The SacconeJolys aka Anna and Jonathan

The SacconeJolys are also daily vloggers. They are an Irish couple who now live in the UK. They are married and have two children, Emilia and Eduardo, and also six dogs. They show their day to day life with two toddlers and I have just fallen in love with their family. Their vlogs are fun and down right adorable and if you want to add some cuteness in your life this is the channel for you. (Anna also has her own channel which I love as well, it is more like Zoella in theme).

The SacconeJoly's channel link is:
Anna SacconeJoly's channel link is:

New Favorites

Now that I have given you just a few of my favorites I am going to tell you about a few people who I have discovered this year and have fallen in LOVE with!

Megsays aka Meg

One tweet from someone I follow included this girls channel in it and when I clicked on the video I was instantly gravitated towards her. She is a British beauty guru by nature but her personality is what drew me to her channel. Her personality is one of those that when you watch her videos you get drawn in by her sweet attitude and joyous enthusiasm for what she is doing. She has the most soothing voice and she is so sweet that you can't help but like her! If you are looking for someone to watch who will relax you and bring a smile to your face she's the one!

Her channel link is:

BratKnee aka Brittany aka BratKnee on the internet

If you haven't discovered Brittany then the above wont make sense but if you have then it will give you a little chuckle. She is an American beauty who makes videos that will make you laugh from her sarcasm and also think "SAME" for everything she says! She is one of my new favorite discoveries on YouTube and she has such pizazz! If you want to watch someone with a firecracker sense of wit and humor then she is the one you need in your life!

Her channel link is:

LoeyLane aka Loey

Loey's channel is one of my most recent discoveries. I found her channel while searching for Cinderella makeup tutorials ( I know, I know) and oh my goodness... one of the best links I have ever clicked. She is an American beauty guru who also happens to be plus size. She makes videos about topics such as body positivity and body peace as well as makeup tutorials and hauls. I love watching her videos because not only is she absolutely beautiful but she has helped me become more confident in myself just through watching her videos. Her makeup always look flawless and her personality is over the moon amazing! You definitely need to check her channel out because I am just obsessed.

Her channel link is:

BeautyLifeMichelle by Michelle Crossan

Michelle is another recent discovery I found while searching for makeup looks on YouTube. She is an Irish beauty guru who lives in Australia. Her videos include makeup and hair tutorials along with my favorites which are makeup reviews and first impressions. I love watching her swatch different makeup products and give her honest opinions on them. She is a gorgeous fair skinned girl so all of her makeup tutorials are great for all the pasty girls like me! She gives great recommendations for products and I am in love with her accent! If you are looking for a new favorite all around beauty channel I definitely suggest subscribing to her!

Her channel link is:


These are just a few of the many YouTubers I watch and am subscribed to. I have fallen in love with each of these creators for different reasons but I couldn't imagine not watching them grow their platform and continue to produce great content! If you would like to see a part two to this with other YouTube favorites I definitely have enough to fill it! Let me know by commenting or tweeting me (@thejesslauren)!

Also, if any of these YouTubers are your favorites too let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@thejesslauren)!

If you have any new suggestions of YouTubers you love and think I should be subscribed to please let me know by either commenting or tweeting me! I look forward to hearing who some of your favorites are!

xoxo Jess

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