Monday, February 29, 2016

My Skincare Routine

So, it is almost time for spring and that means sunshine and bare skin! All through the winter your skin maybe have taken a brutal beating by mother nature. Well, the good news for you is today I am going to be giving you my skincare essentials and routine to help you have glowing skin by the time spring arrives and to last all year round!

Now, if you already have a current skin care routine and you want to mix it up a little bit, maybe use some prestige brands or even find good skin care from affordable drug store brands, I have a healthy mix of both in my skincare routine to share with you!

Morning Time
  • The first step in making sure you are protecting your skin starts at the beginning of the day. I ALWAYS make sure and moisturize in the morning before starting my makeup routine. I love to use the No. 7 brand Protect and Perfect serum (You can find that here: Protect and Perfect Serum) This just makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated at the start of my day.

Pre- Makeup
  • I follow that with primers. Before I even think about putting makeup on my face I know I am going to put on a primer. Ever since working at a makeup store I have learned the importance of putting on a primer before your makeup. It helps to reduce the amount of makeup and gunk you will get into your pores during the day! There are a few primers I like and the ones I have been currently using depend on the day.

    • On a day where I will be wearing a full face of makeup I will use my trusty Too Faced Hangover Rx Replenishing Primer (Found here: Too Faced Hangover Primer) This works best if you have dry skin because it is very moisturizing and hydrating and could cause oil spots if you have oily skin.

    •  On more special occasions where I don't want my makeup to budge at all I will use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer (Found here:Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer). This is a super thick primer that eliminates your pores and leaves your foundation flawless.
Night Time
  • The next step in my skincare routine now comes at the end of the day. There is NOTHING better than removing your makeup after a long day! To do that I use a few different products.

    • First I use the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser (Found here: Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser). This stuff is AMAZING! It is a gel and you scoop it out and rub it all over your face in circular motions. Then using a warm wet cloth I remove my makuep! This gets rid of all of my makeup including anything that is waterproof. I don't use this on my eye area however.

    • The next step in makeup removal is to remove my eye makeup. For that I use Simple's Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover (Found here: Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover).  I like to use small makeup pads and put a few drops and then pat it on my eye area to remove. 

    • The last step in removing my makeup is to use a makeup wipe to make sure I got everything off of my face. I like to use the Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Wipes (Found Here: Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Wipes). This last step helps ensure that I have gotten every bit of makeup off of my face before I begin the last step of my skincare routine.

  • The last step of my skincare routine is applying my moisturizers before bed.

    • After letting that soak in I like to use Tarte's Maracuja Oil (Found here: Tarte Maracuja Oil) to lock in the moisture. I normally just use one big drop and rub it on my fingers and rub it on my face in circular motions.

    • The last step in my moisturizing routine is to use the Tarte Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatment (Found here: Tarte Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatment). This will literally last you a lifetime. I normally just dip my index finger in it and use that amount for each eye. To apply I pat it on lightly to make sure I'm not pulling because that can cause early wrinkles under my eyes! This stuff is super thick and creamy and it glides on and makes my eyes feel amazing after a long day.
For days when you need a little extra oomph
  • Additional products I like to use for really bad skin days include:

    • For Acne: Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Spot Treatment (Found here: Neutrogena Rapid Clean Acne Spot Treatment). I normally apply this to any spots that may pop up and they are virtually gone the next day after application.

    • For Under Eye Circles: If I am having a long week where I am not getting much sleep and my under eye circles are darker than usual I like to use the Skyn Iceland Hyrdo Cool Firming Eye Gels (Found here: Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels). These are amazing and you just keep them on for 10 minutes and they really make the appearance of my dark circles disappear!

What are some of your holy grail skin care products? What are you using right now that you think I should give a try? I am always on the look out for more skincare products!

xoxo Jess

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