Monday, March 7, 2016

Makeup Monday: Foundation Review

Today we are talking about foundation! After last week where I gave you my skin care routine and must haves (Check it out here if you missed it: Skin Care Routine) I thought it might be a good time to now talk about foundation. I have tried so many different high end and drug store brand foundations and I have a few great must haves! So if you are thinking about trying a different foundation and aren't sure which one then hopefully this can help to give you information on which types and brands you might want to give a try!

First things first, there are two different types of foundation finishes: Dewy and Matte. Your personal preference really comes into play for foundation because depending on your skin type you may want different things. If you have normal to dry skin a dewy foundation may suite you better because it will give your skin that nice glow but if you have combination or oily skin a matte foundation may be a better fit and it will still give you that glow without being over oily.

I have normal to dry skin and I have a collection of both matte and dewy foundations that I really like and will wear depending on the time of year or how I am feeling that day. I definitely find that I grab for a dewy foundation more in general because I like the feel and look I get from it but sometimes if I am going an event where I want my foundation to be longer lasting I will pull out a matte foundation over a dewy one because I find I touch my face less and worry less about it rubbing off when it is matte.

Dewy vs. Matte also comes in to play when thinking about the coverage you want. When I want a more full coverage foundation I will grab for a matte foundation because when layering the foundation it doesn't look over oily on my skin. When I want something with a lighter or medium coverage I will reach for a dewy foundation because normally one or two layers of it will suit my needs. This isn't to say that all dewy foundations are light to medium coverage but it is how I prefer my foundation if it is a dewy finish.

So lets jump in to brands now! Honestly I feel that any of these brands can work for any skin type if you know how to use it and I think the important part is figuring out which foundation type you want and then trial and error until you find your holy grail products!

The first brand I am going to talk about is Estee Lauder which is a high end makeup brand.

I have both the Double Wear (full coverage and matte) Foundation as well as the Double Wear Light (Light/medium coverage  and matte) Foundation.

          Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation is very full coverage. I find that using smaller amounts of this and applying with a beauty blender really helps to make this look natural and flawless. With a full coverage and matte foundation you really want to be careful with the amount that you use because too much can make it appear to be cakey on your face. I love the formulation of this foundation and I find that it is long lasting and you don't need to worry about touch ups during the day. This bottle of foundation is a good bang for your buck because the formulation is great and it will last you a while if you interchange different foundations like I do.


This foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation. I love using this when I want to have good coverage but I want to have a lighter look to my makeup. With this foundation I find that applying it with a foundation brush or beauty blender or even just using your fingers works great. Any type of application tool you use this foundation will look great when applied. This is my current favorite foundation that I am using because it just looks so great in both natural and indoor lighting and I find it gives me just the right amount of highlighted glow. Because this is a smaller tube of foundation you will have to purchase this more often but again if you rotate different foundations you can make this last.

The next brand I am going to talk about is Rimmel which is a drug store brand.

In this brand I am obsessed with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which you actually can't buy in the U.S.! I have to order mine from a UK website and have it shipped over seas but trust me when I say it is TOTALLY worth the shipping!! 


This foundation is amazing and I can't believe it isn't sold in U.S. stores. This foundation is a very dewy and glowy foundation that also has SPF 15 in it. This formulation is thick and creamy so just about two pumps of this is enough to cover my entire face. When I put this foundation on I find that it really does wake up my skin and makes it look super healthy and glowy. This foundation is probably my go to number one foundation when I want something that will take less and still look flawless. I also find with this foundation that it requires me to use less highlighter and less other products to achieve my final makeup look. 

The next brand I am going to talk about it NARS which is a high end makeup brand.

The foundation that I use from NARS is their Sheer Glow formulation. This foundation is more suited for normal to dry skin types and I believe NARS makes another type of foundation formulation that is better suited for combination to oily skin. 


This foundation is very build-able but it is a very thick and full coverage foundation. It has a dewy finish to it and it definitely brightens your whole face and make it luminous (like the name suggests). I usually save this foundation for more special occasions because it is so long wearing and so I still have a ton left in the bottle I purchased almost 6 months ago. A little does go a long way for this foundation but that said if you want more coverage you can always continue to layer it until you are happy.

The last foundation brand I am going to talk about is Maybelline which is a drug store brand.

The foundation that I use from Maybelline is their Fit Me formulation which comes in both a dewy and matte type so you can choose which ever you like best to use from their collection. For this particular foundation I prefer to use the dewy formulation.


This foundation I recently discovered maybe three weeks ago. I was watching a YouTube makeup tutorial and they used this foundation and were raving about how amazing it was and I figured I would give it a try since its super cheap I thought if it wasn't that great then it would be fine. I was very happy that the foundation is actually amazing. I love the finish it gives me and it is a light to medium coverage foundation and it looks best to me when applied with a beauty blender. I was so happy to be able to find another drug store makeup brand foundation that I really liked.

These foundations that I mentioned are just a few of the ones that I have trialled over the years and they are the ones I currently have in my makeup collection. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you found it helpful! Each foundation is linked above the picture so that you can go to the brands website to read more about each one that you may be interested in! If you have any brands or foundations you are in love with and you think I should give a try let me know in the comments below or tweet me (@thejesslauren). 

xoxo Jess 


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