Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who better than you?

There are so many people out in the world and so many influences on who you are but wouldn't you much rather just be you? One of my favorite quotes comes from Dr. Seuss:

Yes, Blake Lively is gorgeous and has the seemingly perfect life, but why focus on why you aren't her and focus on who you are and how you can be the best you. 
When I was obtaining my undergraduate degree I interned with Distinguished Young Women. They are an organization that is a scholarship competition for high school senior girls. Working there I learned so much about how important it is to appreciate who you are and one of their philosophies they focused on was 'being your best self.' 

It took me another two years to really understand the potential I had in changing my life to become someone who I could love for being me. I used to be over 300 pounds and I loathed myself from the outside in. It was a very toxic relationship with myself where I would find comfort in food. When something upset me instead of trying to figure out where the source was coming from and trying to fix the problem I would make myself feel better by eating an entire package of double stuffed Oreos. Trust me when I say that is NOT the way to make yourself happy. I would feel better for a little bit but would then go into more self loathing for just eating an entire package of Oreos! Not good. 

This is what I looked like before I began my journey

So, how do you stop getting in your way? People ask me all of the time what made me take the jump and honestly I got tired of watching others around me enjoy their lives while I was sitting in the background embarrassed by the way I looked and I wanted to be the person at the center of the stage of my own life. There is no amount of others telling you to do it or encouraging you that can make you will yourself to begin changing until you are ready. I had hit that point very clearly and was determined. 

Now, I had very MANY people who in the beginning thought it was nice that I was trying to get healthy but really didn't think I would be able to make it past a week (maybe less). This, honestly, pushed me even harder (being the competitive person that I am) to prove them and myself wrong. Of course I had many doubts about if I could do it and if my will power would win out over the craving for ice cream. 

Unlike some, I was not the person who could just ease into a healthy lifestyle slowly, it was go hard or go home. I knew myself too well. I knew that if I gave myself 'cheat days' or only cut out certain things it would do nothing but make me want to quit. So I went cold turkey and decided to begin clean eating. If you are unfamiliar with this it is really simple. Cut out the crap. No gluten, no dairy, no processed food. Just whole, natural ingredients with no additives. You may not believe me but honestly it was not as difficult as I first though it might be. My determination outweighed my want to have junk. The first week I lost 7 pounds and by the fourth month I had lost 35 pounds without having to workout once. Now I have lost a total of 90 pounds.
These were taken Sunday (Jan 25, 2015)

I never believed people who told me that being healthy is 80% what you eat and 20% exercising but it honestly is the truth. After I began losing more and more weight I thought "hey I need to tone all of this loose fat" so my best friend Amber suggested I start going to Pure Barre. Well, if you have seen my previous post about all the things I LOVE about Pure Barre, it really was history after that! (here is the link to that post) 

I have slacked a little over the last few months but I am determined as ever to break to 100 pounds lost mark and to get to a place where I am fully happy with the way I look. I am happy now with the progress I have made and trust me that was a big struggle emotionally for me (which I am sure will come up again in another post). 

I have lost 90 pounds and my whole perspective on life has changed. I don't wish I were someone else anymore, I don't wish I were a better version of me. I stopped wishing and started to make it happen. After all, who else is going to put in the hard work to get you where you are other than yourself?

Have you done something that has made you find yourself and realize how much potential you have? I would love to hear your personal stories of self discovery! Leave a comment below!

xoxo Jess


  1. Great post, Jessica!! You look amazing :)

    1. Thank you Katlyn! I hope this inspires you as much as your comment inspires me to keep it up!